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Lumenier QAV-PRO Lifter Cinequads Edition Frame Kit Cinelifter

Lumenier QAV-PRO Lifter Cinequads Edition Frame Kit Cinelifter

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About this product

The Lumenier QAV-PRO Lifter Cinequads Edition Drone Kit is a revolutionary FPV X8 Cinelifter drone that is designed to carry professional grade Cinema Cameras while maintaining the speed and agility that characterizes a true FPV drone.

The QAV-PRO Lifter drone is engineered to take performance, versatility and creativity to the next level while making a statement with a modern and professional aesthetic. It is a must-have creative tool for every drone Cinematographer.

With the ability to carry cinema cameras at 86mph+, the QAV-PRO Lifter is the ultimate Cinema Drone when it comes to maneuverability of Heavy Cameras such as the RED KOMODO 6K, and it has outstanding performance under even the most challenging conditions.

With the QAV-PRO Lifter you can unleash your creativity and break the boundaries of conventional film making. Imagine diving down a skyscraper at breakneck speeds, pursuing a high-speed car chase closer than ever before, capturing the impossible shot or transition that you could only dream of! All of this is now possible with the Lumenier QAV-PRO Lifter drone as the performance platform behind your flying Cinema Camera.

Lumenier has teamed up with Cinequads, the world-renowned German FPV cinematography company known for their incredibly dynamic FPV Cinematic drone shots. Cinequad’s input and knowledge from having many years in the professional FPV industry have been crucial in the development of this platform. Over a year’s worth of testing and development has gone into the QAV-PRO Lifter, bringing innovation and reliability to the Cinematographic Industry.

QAV-PRO Lifter uses Lumenier´s experience in professional product development, tailoring the perfect high-performance setup. From the power train to the airframe, this Cinelifter uses top notch components and technology for a well-tuned rig, that translates into a locked-in feel and most importantly, clean footage.


  • Robust T-style arm design with dual CNC Aluminum mounts that reinforce the structure, octagonal carbon fiber tubes with aluminum mounts that secure them with strong clamping force and hide internal motor and led wiring.

  • Cinema camera fixed to an isolation plate with 6 alpha gel a-1 dampers, combined with the battery sitting on this plate, adding damping weight and reducing vibrations.

  • Camera and battery position shift options, to be able to distribute the weight and balance the aircraft when using different lenses, gimbal, etc.

  • Optimized dual antenna placement provides maximum video performance by locating the receiving antennas away from the Cinema Camera body to guarantee signal strength.

  • Dedicated power management PDB for cleaner soldering to 4-in-1 esc and accessories, as well as redundancy connections to the power train system to prevent a crash during any type of malfunction.

  • 32-degree Angled arms lower the center of gravity to the cinema camera improving payload balance and flight performance.

  • Motors mounted with -3 degrees of camber angle increases the authority and stability on the Yaw axis.

  • Proprietary LED system located on the arm ends that works with Betaflight configuration, gives the option to program light codes as a safety feature and requirement when working on set.

  • Cinema camera has 60 degrees of motion in 7.5-degree increments, the tilt goes from 40 degrees to -20 degrees for any type of shot needed.

  • The cinema camera is secured to a carbon fiber plate, which uses universal mounting slots and holes for camera versatility.

  • A reversable isolation plate gives the option to have the cinema camera look back for any reverse shots.

  • Micro-USB or USB-C extension cables for easy access to the flight controller when needing to change settings without disassembling the drone.

Kit Specifications - Lumenier QAV-PRO Lifter Cinequads Edition

  • Model: Lumenier QAV-PRO Lifter 9" Cinequads Edition

  • Dimensions: 470mm (L), 600 (W), 155mm (H) (with 9" propellers)

  • Weight: Aprox. 1.2Kg (1Kg without camera/isolation plate)

  • Material: Carbon Fiber and CNC Aluminum

  • Perfect kit for the DIY drone builder


  • This is the KIT version of the QAV-PRO Lifter, assembly is required. Electronics and accessories not included.

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