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Yuneec Typhoon H480 Professional Drone With Camera HD 4K RTF 3-Axis 360° Rotation Gimbal Ultrasonic Obstacle avoidance

Yuneec Typhoon H480 Professional Drone With Camera HD 4K RTF 3-Axis 360° Rotation Gimbal Ultrasonic Obstacle avoidance

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Yuneec Typhoon H480 Professional Drone  with Camera HD 4K  RTF 3-Axis 360° Rotation Gimbal Ultrasonic Obstacle avoidance 

Departure time must be transferred Angle mode
Take-off and landing must turn off the barrier mode
Aircraft taking off and landing after landing press the red button for three seconds, turn off the power
Regards shipping, we will send by DHL, or EMS or Aliexpress Standardard, Or any other way. For sure, we will choose the Best shipment.
Typhoon H offers flight durations of up to 25 minutes while filming with the CGO3+ 4K UHD camera. The Android powered ST16 Ground Station features a 7-inch touchscreen that displays live footage of your flight in HD enables a wide variety of autonomous flight modes.
Typhoon H is the most advanced aerial photography and videography platform available in such a compact size. Driven by customer demand for a design that goes beyond the limitations of a traditional quadcopter, Typhoon H delivers capabilities previously only found in high-end professional offerings, but at a consumer price.
4K UHD 30fps, HD 1080p 120fps video / 12 Megapixel still camera
3-axis anti-vibration gimbal camera with full 360° rotation
ST16 controller with built-in 7-inch touchscreen
Ready-to-Fly, right out of the box
Ultrasonic collision avoidance
Retractable landing gear
Easy 'Twist and Lock' propeller installation
Folding rotor arms for compact storage
Integrated autonomous flight modes
ST16 controller with built-in 7-inch touchscreen
Flight mode: Obstacle avoidance, point of interest, follow me, dynamic return to home
Six-axis  Aircraft:
Motor: Super powerful brushless motor
Built-in GPS Module
Max flight duration: 25mins
Drone Size: 545 * 515 * 305mm
Airframe Weight (With Battery):59.8oz (1695g)
Take-Off Wight: 368.8oz (1950g )
Drone Battery: 4S 14.8V 5400mAh LiPo battery
Charger: SC4000-4
Transmitter :ST16 Personal Station Ground
Max flight altitude: 400ft (restricted by FAA)
Maximum Rotation rate : 85 deg/s
Maxinmun Roll angle : 35°
Max rate of climb: 16ft/s (5m/s)
Max speed follow me mode: 43.5mph (19.4m/s)
Maximun Descending Speed: 3m/s
Maximum speed in barometric mode : 30mph (13.5m/s)
Diagonal motor wheelbase: 480mm
One-arm length: 187mm
Obstacle avoidance function: Ultrasonic collision avoidance system
CGO3+ Gimbal: 3-Axis Camera:
Weight: 250g(8.8oz)
Effective pixels: 12.4MP
Camera Lens: 14mm/F2.8
Field of view: 98°
Electronic shutter: 1/30 – 1/8000
Video transmission range: 1mile (1.6km)
Transmission system :5.2Ghz — 5.8Ghz
Video resolution: 4K UHD 30fps
ST16 Personal Ground Station :
Operating system:Android™
Channel: 16CH
Control range: 1mile (1.6km)
Resolution: 720P
Video link frequency: 5.8G WiFi
Screen remote telemetry display: YES
LCD screen size: 7inch
Tactile (Vibrating) and audible feedback :Yes
Battery: 3.6V 8700mAh Li-ion battery
Video transmission Distance/Range (Optimum conditions) FCC Compliance: Up to 1.6km/1 mile CE Compliance: Up to 1.6km/1 mile
Package Information:
Package size: 46 * 31 * 55cm 
Package weight: about 7586g / 16.72lb
Drone Portable Backpack(as shown in the picture)
Packaging List (for 1 set):
1 x Typhoon H RC Hexacopter
1 x  ST16 Transmitter (mode 2) With 7-Inch Touchscreen
1 x CGO3+4K Camera 
1 x 3Axis Gimbal
1 x 4S 14.8V 5400mAh LiPo Battery
1 x 3.6V 8700mAh Li-ion Battery
1 x SC4000-4 charger (China Power Cord)
1 x   USB Cable
2 x  Pair of Propeller
1 x 16G Micro SD Card
1 x English Manual
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