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Flight Safety Parachute for Drone Safety Flight Safety Protection System

Flight Safety Parachute for Drone Safety Flight Safety Protection System

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Replacement Canopy part

Material: ABS
Applicable models: Manti 3 /Manti 3 Plus
Color: Gray
Net weight: 27.5g(Manti 3),51.7g(Manti 3 Plus)
Product size: 4.7*4.2*2.7cm(Manti 3),6*6*2.5cm(Manti 3 Plus )

Packing list:
canopy x 1
Screw x 4
Screwdriver x 1

Notice:Canopy is only a separate replacement part, used to replace the parachute parts, not a complete parachute set, does not include the launcher base, please confirm before buying.




The Manti 3 parachute is an upgraded version of the old model, with better performance, more complete functions, and better protection of the safety of the drone and the safety of pedestrians under the drone.



1. Dual-sensor data fusion, intelligent algorithms, let you feel more at ease and fly with confidence,
2. By judging whether the aircraft is malfunctioning, conduct collision and fall detection to determine whether to open the parachute,
3. Start horizontally and vertically to effectively avoid the entanglement of the propellers and reduce accidents,
4. The descent speed of the free fall is reduced, which effectively protects the safety of ground personnel and property.



Applicable models: for Mavic 3/AIR/AIR 2/AIR 2S/Mavic pro/Mavic 2
Net weight: 63.3g(Manti 3),89.2g(Manti 3 Plus)
Product size: 5*4.5*3.7cm(Manti 3),6*6*4.2cm(Manti 3 Plus)


Packing list:

(Note:Does not include Drone.)
Parachute main unit x 1
Strap x 2
Charging cable x 1
Manual x 1 (*manual is not in English)


Product parameters:

Model: Manti 3/Manti 3 plus
Speed reduction: 5m/s 5.5m/s
Normal working time: 4h
Working temperature: -10℃~60℃
Response time: 100 milliseconds
Response distance: 8 meters
Working altitude: ≤4000 meters
Charging voltage: 5V 1A
Equivalent falling distance: 1.6 meters and below



1. Trigger principle: When the drone loses power and starts to free fall, or the drone flips in the air, the ejection device will be triggered automatically eject the parachute.
2. Ejection device: When the drone's flight status is abnormal, the internal ejection device automatically ejects the parachute. The ejection module is for one-time use. The ejection module needs to be replaced after ejection.
3. Whether it will hit the propeller: Due to the fast ejection speed, the parachute can be quickly ejected, and the parachute cannot be opened without interference from the propeller. The rope may be entangled with the propeller, but it does not affect the opening of the parachute.
4. The parachute only plays a role in reducing the descending speed of the drone when it crashes, thereby reducing the damage of the drone.
5. The minimum rescue altitude is 25m. In theory, the rescue can be successful only when the flight altitude is at least 25m.
6. It is strictly forbidden to test this product by simulating accidents. Your approach is already dangerous, including the risk of failure to open the parachute, and there will still be collisions after falling. The safety flight plan should still be followed with this parachute equipment to avoid unnecessary loss.

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