DJI Zenmuse H20T
DJI Zenmuse H20T
DJI Zenmuse H20T
DJI Zenmuse H20T

DJI Zenmuse H20T

14:771#H20-Matrice 300 RTK

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New DJI Zenmuse H20 H20T Cardan Camera Compatible with Matrice 300 RTK 20 MP Zoom 12 MP Wide DJI Original Camera

In the Box
  • Gimbal and Camera

    Gimbal and Camera

    × 1

  • SanDisk Extreme microSD Card 32GB

    SanDisk Extreme microSD Card 32GB

    × 1

  • Storage Case

    Storage Case

    × 1

  • Lens Cleaning Cloth

    Lens Cleaning Cloth

    × 1


*How many models are in the Zenmuse H20 Series?

The Zenmuse H20 Series has 2 models: the Zenmuse H20 (Triple-sensor model with a
wide-angle camera, a zoom camera, and a laser rangefinder) and the Zenmuse H20T (quad-sensor model with a wide-angle camera, a
zoom camera, a laser rangefinder, and a radiometric thermal camera)

*What's the Ingress Protection Level?

Under controlled laboratory conditions, the Zenmuse H20 Series meets the IP44 protection
level under the IEC60529 standard. The protection level is not permanently effective, and will weaken with wear and tear.
• Make sure the gimbal connector interface and gimbal surface are dry and free of moisture before installing the gimbal.
• Before use, make sure that the gimbal is firmly installed onto the aircraft, and the SD card cover is clean, free of foreign and securely closed.
• Before opening the SD card cover, wipe the surface of the body clean.

*What are the image resolutions of the cameras?

Radiometric thermal camera: R-JPEG, 640×512 px
Wide-angle camera: JPEG, 4056×3040 px
Zoom camera: JPEG, 5184×3888 px

*What are the video resolutions of the cameras?

Radiometric thermal camera: 640×512@30fps
Wide-angle camera:1920×1080@30fps
Zoom camera: 3840×2160@30fps / 1920×1080@30fps

*Which video format is supported?

MP4 encoded with H.264 compression

*What are the zoom levels of the H20 Series?

23× hybrid optical zoom, 200× max zoom

What is the minimum focusing distance of the visible cameras of the Zenmuse H20 Series payloads?

The higher the zoom factor, the Longer the focusing distance.
1×-2.8×, the minimum focusing distance is 1 m.
2.9×-3.9×, the minimum focusing distance is 2 m.
4×-4.6×, the minimum focusing distance is 3 m.
4.7×-14.2×, the minimum focusing distance is 5 m.
14.3×-200×, the minimum focusing distance is 8 m.

If the object is within the minimum focusing distance, the camera will not be able to focus. For example, if the aircraft/payload
is 5 m away from a pylon, the camera will not be able to focus at a zoom level greater than 14.2×.

What factors affect the accuracy of the laser rangefinder?

Laser rangefinders measure distance using the time of flight of light.
Their accuracy could be affected in environments where this ToF is affected: The range will be reduced in smoke, rain, snow,dust,and other environments, and data readings may be jumbled.
When measuring an object with glass or transparent components:
If the glass is within moderate distance, the distance to the glass will be measured (not the object behind the glass)
The glass may reflect the laser beam to other locations, resulting in the distance to other locations.
If the surface of the glass is very smooth or too close, the light will pass through the glass to detect the objects behind, but the range will be significantly reduced.

What is the frame rate of the thermal camera in the Zenmuse H20T?

What is the accuracy of temperature measurements of the Zenmuse H20T?

The accuracy is ±2 °C or ±2%, whichever is greater.
(Measured at 25 °C in a windless laboratory, 5 m away from the black body).
Note: black bodies have different emissivity levels, the measurement above is is based on the particular black body measured and for reference only.

What factors affect the accuracy of temperature measurement of the Zenmuse H20T?

The reflectivity of objects: shiny metals have higher reflectivity will result in lower accuracy and lower temperature readings.
The temperature of background radiation: a clear, sunny day will have less of an effect on accuracy than a cloudy day.
Air temperature and humidity: the higher the temperature and humidity, the more likely the readings will be affected, and the lower the accuracy.
Distance between the camera and the object: the farther away the object is from the camera, the lower the accuracy.

What is the difference between high and low gain modes in the thermal camera of the Zenmuse H20T?

High gain mode: displays a smaller temperature measurement range at a high quality, the temperature measurement range is -40 °C to 150 °C.
Low gain mode: displays a larger temperature range at relatively lower quality, the temperature measurement range is -40 °C to 550°C.

Does the thermal camera in the Zenmuse H20T support digital zoom?

Yes. It supports 2×, 4×, and 8× digital zoom.
What is Flat-Field Calibration or FFC in the Zenmuse H20T?

Flat-Field Calibration is used to optimize thermal image quality so
temperature changes can be observed more easily. You can choose to manually enable FFC by turning off the automatic FFC adjustment in settings.

*How many different ways can I measure temperature using the Zenmuse H20T?

There are two ways: Spot Meter for easuring a single position, and Area Measurement for getting different readings in an area. *What is Night Scene Mode? In Night
Scene Mode, the camera will switch the IR filter and adjust the ISP parameters to optimize for lowlight environments.



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