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SpeedyBee TX800 VTX

SpeedyBee TX800 VTX

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                5.6g light weight

                                                                      make your drone lighter

                                                                        max 800mW output

                                                                       high-efficiency heat sink


5.8G 48CH PIT / 25mW / 200mW / 400mW / 800mW
IRC Tramp Support | Pit Mode Support | 28*28mm@20*20mm M2 holes


JST socket and ————

pad connection supported

Support IRC Tramp Protocol

TX800 supports the IRC TRAMP protocol and the modification of video transmission
parameters through the remote control, Including frequency, working power and so on.
If your flight controller supports Bluetooth or WiFi, You can also modify the video
transmission parameters through the SpeedyBee App.


For BetaFlight
flight controller firmware above BetaFlight 4.1.0,
you need upload a VTX Table to the flight controller before using
the remote control to modify the video transmitter parameters

download SpeedyBee-TX800(USA).json
download SpeedyBee-TX800(EU).json

For the use of the video transmitter table, please refer to this article
"How to Setup Betaflight VTX Table – SmartAudio
Tramp VTX Control"

by Oscar Liang.


Pit Mode Support

When you are flying with other pilots in the same place,
Pit Mode helps you to power the drone more calmly without disturbing others.

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